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I have 66 planters warts on the bottom of my feet(seriously)! And I have had them since I was 2 years old and I started off with jet one. I didn't tell anyone till I was at adoctors appt. when I was 8. The doc. treated I and they spread and haven't stopped since. So to get rid of them I put a cotton ball that had been soaked in apple cider vinegar on the wart(s). I left it on for one night then took It off in the morning. The next day I left it on One night and one day then took it off before I went to sleep. It turned black and hard Like a scab. Then after 2-5 days a little orange circle formed around it. I started to Peel back the orangish skin and it just came of the whole thing! I took it off as if I was peeling off a scab. There was then a little hole but it closed up in about 3 days!!!!!

Hope this helped!
p.s. You can keeP putting the apple cider vinegar on as needed in the pattern 'shown' , one night, one night one day, and so on!

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I agree with the ACV remedy, I had a planters wart on the side of my foot that I use ACV on it took a couple months for it to come out but its now a little lined scar where it was and I haven't had another one for years, just recently iv noticed one starting between my middle toe so I will once again use the apple cider vinager routine:)

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