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Pimples-one of the worst enemies
Everyone posted these wonderful remedies.
But I want to show you a natural safe way. Though it's not fast. I t could help.

Soap, clean hands, water

make sure ur hands are clean - wash ur hands
then put soap again and make sure u have the bubbly substance.
rub on your face.
The SPLASH water on your face ( do not rub, creates irritation, and redness can increase becuase of germs!)
keep doing this when ever you have time i do it 8 times per day. it depends on how much u do it per day. if u do it alot perday it will go faster. if u do it 3-4 times per day maybe a bit longer.
good luck
hope it helped like it helped me

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But when I try and just 'SLASH' water pn my face, like how the commercial people show it, it doesn't remove all the soap completely?


Over washing your face can be just as bad as not washing it at all. Wash a few times a day with a gentle cleanser (Cetaphil sp)


At the beginning i thought it was going to be a rap

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