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greasy foods, big macs from macdonalds in the morning, or a big glass of water and a sinutab or sinus medication before you go to bed.

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make your last drink a beer and when you get home take an excedrine and drink 16 oz of water before you go to bed. If you eat before you go to bed also will help but if your too waisted the two excedrines and the water will get you straight ..


I thought it was dangerous to take any medication when there is a lot of alcohol in your system.


won't greasy food just increase the amount and severity of the beer shits?


It is extremely dangerous to take medications (asprin, tylenon, advil, etc)with over the counter pain killers. They already cause enough liver damage,but when mixed with alcohol are actually very popular for causing internal bleeding. This is why they are thinking about taking them off the counter. Because ignorant people dont know how to medicate themselves properly.

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