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I took 3 tylenol pm caplets (too many) and all that did was make me really drowsy. After spending about 4 hours in excruciating pain, I ran to the kitchen and poured ground cinnamon on my finger and rubbed it on my sore gums. While it did provide instant relief, it only lasted for about 5 minutes and there is not much else I can do, being that I am 7 months pregnant....I'm still awake now in search of something that will work. If I don't find anything, I will be headed to the ER as soon as my daughter goes to school in the morning (5 hours from now).

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I am 6mo preg and I totally kno how u feel. I've got 3 teeth broke off all the way inside the gum. They will def have to b cut out. I've ben thru 3 diff rounds of antibiotics but yet I'm still sleep deprived and in excruciating pain. I've tried everything for relief. The best thing tht wrks is to walk around but I can't rest walking. Sometimes munching on something hard relieves the pressure. But everything I do is very temporary and the pain is rt bck. I can not afford the dentist rt now. Thepain is so extreme my BP shoots up so hi tht my nose iibegins to bleed. Tht can not b healthy for my baby boy. This is miserable. I wish this pain would stop. I'm so exhausted. Its difficult enough to b preg and adding 3severe tooth pains bcz there abscessed. .I'm so Sry to every1 who dealing with this and especially us preg folks who are limited to what we can take and do. Gud luck!

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