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menstrual cramps....when you get the cramps do some sit ups works like a charm

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wow the situps worked like a charm


usualy exercise works, i mean... you know those work out videos, its like those women do not have there period, few spot here and there, but no pain, light flow, less stess, and less days of bleeding. its good to do it alot, or for about a week or two (for every day) before it come. Abdomen exersises are best for the week of the month.


Wow I never even want to get up wwhen I get my period. How do you ladies go and do situps and exercises? I must be a whimp or something. But I'm going to try it when I get home. If it works Ill let ya know.


I cant move when I am on my period so couldnt think about a situp but it is worth a try


I noticed when i didnt do exercise that my periods was a lot longer and heavier and also the cramping..i lived on advil ( it didn't help much) so now i exercise everyday for 30 minutes and i have lighter-shorter periods and hardly no cramps. plus i feel as if i have more energy during the day.


sounds like your advertising something. I agree i can barely move when im on my period atleast the first day


i dont know i mean im on my period right now laying in bed on my laptop, lol.Im having the WORSTE cramps!! i cant even imagine myself getting up and doing situps. but ill give it a try.. thanks.

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