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DR. Pepper

Removing skin tags at home, easily.

I had several on my inner thighs for years and was about to go to a doctor, instead I easily removed them at home. They were about the size of marbles and I hated them!

Don't worry I was apprehensive at first but it was no problem and easy.


- sharpest knife in the place

- guaze

- tweezers

- baby ambesol, strongest strength or topical anestetic.

- first aid kit with disenfectant wipes.

take the knife and boil it in hot water.

knumb each skin tag with ambesol or anestetic.

use tweezers to pull the skin tag away from body and use knife or medical scissors wiped with medical disenfectant to cut the skin tag at it's base.

use gauze to clean area and repeat as needed.

if you have a large skin tag you may wish to use some dental floss to tie it off the day before to cut blood circulation to the skin tag.

my largest skin tag bled for a small period of time which is noraml, is bleeding continues see a doctor as you may need a stich but this is not common.

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Great advice! Took care of a bothersome skin tag in my arm pit with your directions. Thanks a million!


If you're trying to get rid of skin tags definitely check out tag away it worked for me. I got all my information from before i purchased it. It was well worth it because i got rid of my skin tags in 7 weeks and there was no pain.

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