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Simply soaking a towel with hot water and holding it to your ear will help with most ear pain. Heat helps reduce the pain dramatically. You'll notice almost immediately the pain is reduced and will be going back to re-heat that washcloth or towel several times. Even a hot shower or a hot bath will suffice, but getting some hot steam into your ear will make a considerable difference.

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That doesnt work because the moisture will go back in your ear and bacteria needs a warm wet place to grow. A hot anything will make it worst


My ear was throbbing Monday. I went to bed with my ear on heating pad. Woke up next day and my ear was fine. I recommend the heating pad above all.


Take a sturdy plastic glove like the Playtex ones. Fill it with hot water from the tap. Use a rubberband to tie off the end. Put a towel between the glove and your ear (until the glove begins to cool off). The glove kind of molds to your ear and the warmth feels great! I had a battle with several back to back ear infections and this helped make the pain tolerable.


i recommend u not to use ths method. i tried it and it mad my ear worst not yet is it rining it aache even worst then before.


I've had chronic ear infections since I was a child. I suffer from approximately 4-6 ear infections per year, 90% of the time in my right ear. I can tell you from an extensive amount of experience that heat and/or moisture may TEMPORARILY reduce the pain associated with an ear infection but will ultimately make the infection worse. It is a bacterial infection and bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments. Think of your body and how the first things to get 'smelly' are your under arms, crotch area, etc. Your body is covered in bacteria but these places offer the best breeding grounds because they are warm and often moist.

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