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Last night my ear was hurting a lot, so I asked my dad to put some hydrogen peroxide in it. I was hoping it would ease the pain a little, but it was still hurting. My mom gave me some pain killers and I went to bed.

When I woke up, the pain was worse than last night. I told my mom about it and she's going to take me to Urgent Care this afternoon. Earlier today I tried the hydrogen peroxide again. After I tilted me ear to let the solution out, I still heard some fizzing in my ear and my ear still hurts.

My advice:
1. If you can, go to Urgent Care ASAP.
2. For teens: I know it's embarrassing to talk to your parents sometimes, but you should tell them if your ear hurts ASAP. It will get worse if you don't take care of it now.
3. I don't recommend hydrogen peroxide for easing pain in your ear. The solution won't ease the pain as far as I know.
Question: Does anyone have a remedy that is natural, quick, simple, and will take care of pain quickly?

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the hydrogen peroxide doesn't take the pain away, but it does attack and kill the bacteria. 7 years ago I had an ear infection for the fist time. I spent over 250.00 on different medicines and eardrops plus numerous doctor visits and nothing was helping. I thought to try peroxide and it worked. I had to put it in several times a day for a week and it finally cleared up. The pain got less and less each time I used it. It's a booger listening to all that snap, crackle and pop going on right on your ear drum. So it takes some getting used to. I now have my second ear infection 7 years later and again I keep spending money at the Doctor and on eardrops and medicine and I keep getting worse. Yesterday I remembered the peroxide and found my dropper and put it in my ear and I'm praying it works again. I am not saying don't go to your doctor, just if it's not working try the peroxide. It doesn't make it worse, so it is worth the try but remember it is a slow heal and not a pain remedy.

Le win woo

Thanks there for you life story, but I would like to know why is it embarrassing to talk to your parents about ear ache, are you a douche? is lady gaga a douche?


it's about frequency with the peroxide. You use like 2 drops off a q-tip every 30mins to an hour for a day and it helps.


Be careful when you use this method, I have caused myself more pain twice using peroxide. The first time I cleaned ALL the wax out of my ears (your ears need some wax) without the wax my ears were dry and kept itching, I wrongly thought the itching and draining feeling was from too much wax. I had to put steroidal eye drops in my ears to produce wax. The second time which was years later I found out an ear infection and peroxide can cause sharp, burning persistant pain that made me pout and whine, I wanted to cry. My ears hurt so much I broke down and went to the doctor and found out I had a bad ear infection (and more than likely no wax in my ear, I didn't ask.) I grew up using peroxide to clean my ears, I still do, just be careful once you have pain in your ears with peroxide.

Mega Biotch!

Use vinegar!! Or heated sweet oil! It is proven that peroxide causes infection! So a few people in the world have befitted from that garbage!! But the majority don't! And whoever posted the douche comment... Ure my secret hero lol!!

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