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misty green

i suffer tearful pain 4m bad teeth n then friend told me about this product called HURRICANE....... she said call ur local pharmacist n tell them u would like them 2 order a topical anaesthetic called hurricane n then it should b there n a day r 2........ 4m personal experience n plus 4m ever 1 i told about this its the best thing out there better then origel or ambisol combined its the same paste like gel that the dentists use 2 numb ur teeth plus it last 4 hrs i live on this stuff cuz if ur like me with no insurance n no job then going 2 the dentist is nearly impossible......... it has 20% benzocain n it numbs u tooth n seconds n it even comes n yummy flavors watermelon, cherry, pina colada, n mint i recommend the watermelon it taste the best well i surely hope this helps u as much as it did me n good luck ......... plz e mail me n let me know r results of this product it would b greatly appreciated ......... thnx n god bless

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