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Using vanilla extract works fine for a toothe ache,but if you have almond extract this works even better, vanilla extract has 35% alcohol verses 37% for the almond extract believe me the add'l 2% does make a difference.

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For the last 4 nights i haven't been able to sleep very well and have tried everything. Ive used two tubes of anbesol and orajel with 10-20 minute relief each dose. Ive eaten 20 or so excedrin in the 4-5 days. Not good!

Went to the store and got the mint extract and this stuff really works! I was skeptical but after a trip to the store im a believer! Put some on a small piece of gauze and put on tooth and am going to sleep now.



i had to use lemon extract and it worked instantly and didnt burn really1 Lemon extract is 83 percent alcohol so it would probably work for most anyone!

jessica k

It is march 1,2013 and I've had a broken tooth for a few months been waiting for my insurance to kick in well I tried the pure peppermint extract n OMG it really took the pain away immediately I couldn't believe it finally some relief!! Hope this will help someone else


Almond extract works not because of the alcohol content, but because almonds are a natural pain reliever. Of course the alcohol content probably helps, but that isn't the main reason almond extract works. Also it works better if you get the pure almond extract as opposed to the imitation almond extract.


Finally found a use for my lemon extract left over from a failed lemon bar attempt! My pain is on my front bottom teeth as a result of receding gum lines (overbrushing/brushing too hard is a serious thing!!). Lemon extract at 85\\% alcohol is making a HUGE difference. I love the burning feeling :D

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