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Using vanilla extract works fine for a toothe ache,but if you have almond extract this works even better, vanilla extract has 35% alcohol verses 37% for the almond extract believe me the add'l 2% does make a difference.

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OMG! Thank you. I was crying, I didn't think it would work. I used orange extract. Instant relief. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Does not work for me Made my tooth hurt worse I am now going to go cut my head off !!!!!!!!!!!!


WWWWOOOOWWWWWW , that worked wonders , from a tooth ache so bad i could cry , to no pain at all almost instantly , i might start drinking this as my drink of choice , lol !THIS REALLY WORKS AND I TRIED EVERYTHING !


imitation almond extract worked for me!!!


i tried vanilla extract and i was very skeptical but it 100% worked within 2 minutes i was talking and didnt even realize the pain had gone.


This is a pretty good remedy for a quick fix!!! Thank You!


This worked within a few minutes., ALMOND EXTRRACT 40%. I was facing a second sleepless night, THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


oh my god it does work.. i havea tooth ache all day comes and goes.. tried everything..water was to cold to use.. so tried this almond extract it helpd thanks..


this is the best, and almost always directly on hand! i just rinsed my mouth with vanilla extract and let it pool around the tooth (which took a little awkward, but well worth, positioning). going to try peppermint next...


Try using PURE Mint Extract also. It has 89% alcohol. It works for me... Or go to nearest drug store and get the ToothAche Red Cross for the pain.

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