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Using vanilla extract works fine for a toothe ache,but if you have almond extract this works even better, vanilla extract has 35% alcohol verses 37% for the almond extract believe me the add'l 2% does make a difference.

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I had a major toothache it was night time and I COULD NOT sleep.We tried orajel P.M. that did not help .So we got on the internet and found out about Vanilla extract.It worked good every couple hours I would wake up and put some more on it and held an ice pack on it and the pain went away instantly ! hope it works for you to


I have been suffering all day from a tooth ache and it is Saturday so I can not get to the dentist until Monday. I tried everything. I had some Darvocet that did not help so I got on here and I used the Vanilla Extract. I gargled my hole mouth with it. Burned a few seconds but the pain went away. But now got a cotton ball soaked in it sittin on the tooth. Thanks a lot:)


I was miserable all night. The pain was unbearable. Last ditch effort, I tried Vanilla extract and it worked. It made it workable.

Thanks for the help


I didnt have any almond extract but i found some lemon extract was 84%alcohol ...i couldnt believe it worked so well ...thanks so much.


3am here.. and the vanilla REALLY took the edge off, thank you so much for posting!!!! I get to see the dentist at 2 pm.... 11 hours to go! Now that i have vanilla.... i should make it tear free.. i HOPE!!!!


peppermint oil worked wonders for me!


If alcohol percentage is the key here, then try run flsvoring extract. Thing has 87 percent alcohol. I wanted to bake a cake, not get wasted! :) I've also heard on the city bus that taking cotton ball and putting some Jack on it and putting it on the gum over the affected tooth works too.


thank you it works. I only had vanilla extract in the house but need to get some sleep and pain was unbearable. I know this is a temporary fix but will help until my dentist appointment.


Terribling infected tooth, trying to make it until the morning to get it yanked. Tried the vanilla extract thing, made it worse! Couldn't imagine the pain getting worse, but it did! Oh my....The only thing working is the constantly drinking of cold water. But i'll never get any sleep that way!


This worked in SECONDS...I love the feeling, no burning just great relief. I used the vanilla extract, with a q-tip directly on the pain. If you are in pain this will work, I tried everything else and nothing worked as quickly as this. I just feel like going to sleep now. THANK YOU!!!!

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