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Using vanilla extract works fine for a toothe ache,but if you have almond extract this works even better, vanilla extract has 35% alcohol verses 37% for the almond extract believe me the add'l 2% does make a difference.

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I had tried everything--Vicodin, Flexeril, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Tequila--nothing was working. I used the hydrogen peroxide rinse, and that helped, but this remedy took the pain down so low that I can live with it. THANK YOU!


I went to the Emergency room waited 2 hours to get Vicodin and Ibuprofin for my absessed wisdom tooth and it didnt do anything for me. I went home and was in teers from the pain. My Fiance found this remedy and I gave it a try, it was amazing. A few minutes after applying the Almond extract on my tooth the pain was completly gone. Thank you for this wonderful advice!!!!!!


Just applied Peppermint Extract and so far so good. Cut a cottom ball down to slightly larger than socket the now gone filling was in - guess that's the socket they talk about. Soaked the cotton ball in about 2 drops of the extract. Placed it there and folded the rest over and pressed it in. Alcohol taste was strong around the area but that went away in about 4 mins, along with the ache. Also seem to be reducing achey swell (an infection sac I guess) I felt under the jawbone.


Oh my GOD I am so serious when i say this i was just crying and it felt like i was going to die if i moved my hands from my face because the pain was so intense. i googled this site and tried the first thing on it and it actually worked. i read the testimonials first to see if the same thing would happen to me and although the pain is not completely gone i can atleast function enough to type this comment thanks for all the people who are trying to help other people.


~~THANK YOU!!~~ My husband has/had a toothache that brought him to his knees. Can't see dentist til tomorrow so we tried this vanilla extract remedy--the toothache isn't as bad as it was, but still there....some relief is better than none! thanks again. Cheryl & Jim in Minnesota


:D so thankful for this advice, im using orange, and almond, for mine, i was having super pains now they reduced to barely anything :D thanks!!!!!

karla, nj

I was sitting here with the worst toothache I have ever had. Being that I am not a baker, I didnt have any kinds of extracts anywhere...I did have a good old bottle of whisky. My husband just finished shooting it into the affected area with a syringe and I feel better already. I also put some on a cotton ball and have it on the affected area. I cant even imagine how well the almond extract works since this is only 40% alcohol.


I really need to go to the Dentits, DR. or ER...Heck I would try anything right now. The peroxide helped some but pain is still noticeable and I cant sleep. And its the weekend so any suggestions I get I am more than willing to try. 1 problem though I cant find any vanilla or almond extract... Can I use regular alcohol like the other person suggested......Please pray for me..OUCH!


so all i had was vanilla extract, i just tried it, it seems to have almost completely taken away the pain.... And mind you this pain was making me cry it was so bad. I couldnt lay my head down because it made it WORSE.. i tried medicine, icing it, and now the vanilla extract seems to be the only thing that worked. it is now 5:30 AM and I have maybe gotten 45 minutes of sleep! Hopefully now i can get some rest! THANK YOU....


Will give it a try. Living with a bad tooth right now that has lost a filling and chipped. Trying the vanilla extract 35% alcohol but will get some peppermint tmrw.

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