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Using vanilla extract works fine for a toothe ache,but if you have almond extract this works even better, vanilla extract has 35% alcohol verses 37% for the almond extract believe me the add'l 2% does make a difference.

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This works I guess. I have already taking three montrin and put a tea bag on the tooth. And then did this I still feel a little pain but for the most part okay. I need to go to the Dentist.


Well, It's almost 1:00am and I'm trying this as we speak..........Burns a little, seems to have made the pain a little worse but we will see in a few minutes. This hurts so bad I've done nothing but cry. It hurts into my ear and up to my temple. Can't anything help. I may try the tea bag next.

iain taylor

well i was at 48 hours of pain on a weekend so no dentist well not without $500 emergency fee so i went to the store and got this tooth filling stuff and within seconds the pain was gone i was overjoyed got a full nights sleep but..the following morning had some coffee and it was like daggers in me i was in agony the tooth filler stuff just died on me so did the tylonol etc no effect i spent from 8am today untill 5pm in pure agony till i looked on line found this site and in my cupboard i had some peppermint extract and oh!!! my god it has been 1hr 56 mins and no pain it was almost instant like the person says it burns for a min or two but within 5 mins i was pain free thanyou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


vanilla extract worked great for my tooth ache thank you you were a life saver


I did not have almond extract or vanilla but I had lemon and I dabbed a little of that on my tooth and surrounding gums, yes it burns so bad....and I feel a slight throbbing somewhat like its getting worse before getting better......It did not take all the pain away but it surely did reduce it. I have a dentist appointment on the 12th of December....hopefully this pain wont get any worse. Thank you for the suggestion. I had been up since 2 am in throbbing pain when I decided to see what I could find online.


that worked awsome i used orange extract and it took the pain away immediately. it is 80%. thanks for the idea and i hope everyone else used this method because it works fast.


I like the others have been suffering for several days and a few sleepless nights. I went the normal pain relief pills and then turned to the over the counter oral pain relivers with little no help. I searched the web and found this site and remedy. I only had brandy extract (35%) but felt relief immeadiately. I will be buying the peppermint extract and keeping in on hand until I can get to the denist. Thanks for the help.


I had eaten 1000 mg of ibprofin before I tried the vanilla extract. The advil lowered the sharpness of the pain, but the vanilla extract completely killed it and within seconds. I applied a little on a q-tip, rubbed my teeth and gums, and I can honestly say that I didn't recieve a burning or bad taste. Not that it would matter, the pain i've been dealing with is unbearable. Thanks for the tip!!!


From stress, I started grinding my teeth; in turn, I chipped a molar tooth and the incredible ache began. It has kept me up for a few nights. I was rinsing my mouth several times a day with Listerine (which helps for a very short while) and brushing my teeth atleast three times a day to keep my mouth free from particles, but something got in and the pain has been consistant. I tried this and it dulled the pain instantly. I use a q-tip soaked in vanilla extract and applied it to the tooth to help lower the burn to the surrounding areas. The pain I have had has been completly debilitating and I have a high pain tolerance. This helped and can only imagine that peppermint extract would be even better. I am looking forward to a better nights sleep. Thank you!


How do you use the Vanila Extract?

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