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Growing up my dad always had canker sores. I too now get them from stress, sweets, a scratch that turns into one, or for no reason at all. I have LITERALLY tried EVERYTHING and have spent hundereds of dollars in the mean time. The ONE thing I have found that eases the pain and heals the canker sore is a product called Canker Cover by QUANTUM RESEARCH. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! You get 6 small patches (that you can cut in half if need be) and they are a little pricey but WORTH IT!!! You dry the canker sore and place this patch on your canker sore for about 20-30 seconds till it sticks and it will feel weird in the begining until your silvia moistens it. Once it moistens it the patch will turn clear and gel like and it stays on for 8-10 hours!!!! It protects it from hurting when you eat or even talk and heals it within the intial days. I swear by this and would be miserable without it, its like a bandaid for your mouth for HOURS!!!!

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how much are they?

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