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I've read a lot of remedies and so far the best solution seems to be that first you wash your pet with dawn soap and then apply a home made topical ointment to leave in that has vinegar, lavender, and citrus oils in it. Also the lavender sprayed on the carpet or vinegar on tile or wood floors helps and regular vacuuming. Hopefully this works. I'll let u know!

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So I ended up washing my dog with dawn then did a flea dip on her which killed all the fleas. I then treated her with advantage and sprayed her with sentry natural defense flea and tick spray. She has been flea free for 3 days so far. I also bombed the house and put borax and flea killer from home depot on the carpet. I recommend everyone try it, especially the sentry spray!!!!


@ Lindsay - can you give us the formula and portions you used to create your oinment? How much vinegar, lavender & citrus oil?
Thank you!

Just Me

Yes! Please, let us know the recipe for the ointment.


I mixed up the same ointment if that's what you wanna call per the nutritionist instructions and it is 5 drops of each oil per every 4oz of water and 1tbsp. vinegar to the 4oz. of mixture and it works very well. I just keep a spray bottle of it handy and spray once a week on the dogs.

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