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Get some sugarless gum with XYLITOL in the ingredients- Trident (that we got at the Dollar Tree) seems to have more xylitol than most brands, if listing it earlier in the ingredients means it contains more. The xylitol does kill dental decay bacteria.

Myself and my husband and a friend have all tried it with our longstanding abscess issues (started months ago--we do get enough improvement that we get weeks without problems, especially if we avoid sugar).

Each of us does have a cracked or broken tooth or a loose filling, so I don't know if it will work for ones that don't seem to have that situation.

Besides chewing it in the daytime (and avoiding sugar as much as possible), we chew some of the gum at bedtime and leave it in all night by the affected tooth.

So far we have only tried spearmint and peppermint flavored brands, so we don't know for sure if that is contributing to the helpful effects.

Raw garlic does work but is too irritating if chewed, so leave whole garlic clove in cheek overnight or as much as can get away with during the day, cooked garlic doesn't seem to work.

Strong chamomile tea and a moistened chamomile tea bag left in cheek overnight will work (best at night since can make a person feel sleepy).

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