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Friendly Helper

I've solved it, seriously... First of all, see a doctor, always. Because if you have any kind of infection it needs to be seen and treated by a professional. BUT for a QUICK fix, im talking minutes/instant this is what you do:

Get a vibrating toothbrush, or some other such device (Eardoc, phone, etc...) and put it BEHIND your ear at about the level of your earlobes. Leave it there for a good few minutes. It wont cure your infection but it will really help deal with the pain. Hope it helps

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uhhh that sounds ridiculous! you're crazy just like the guy that put the hydrogen peroxide in his ear!


I agree with something that vibrates!!! I had an ear infection and put my clarisonic on the side of my ear at it was instant relief!!!


My five year old son id very sensitive to heat so any of the other post about applying heat were not going to work. And i was not going to put anything in his ear without a doctor. Tries this with the toothbrush vibrating agaist his ear, and it worked GREAT! just told him to hold it to the front or the back of his ear. now he is on the couch dozing off and is not crying anymore. And usually by the time my son tells me he has a earache, it is about to rupture(so alot of pain)and usually in the middle of the night. Way to go on this post!!!!!!!


I thought you were crazy at first but my husband woke me up at 4:30 am telling me his ear hurt and we tried the mug and washcloth thing and nothing. I'm not going to put anything in his ear but I saw your post and we had a vibrating toothbrush and I have been doing it off and on for about an hour and he is saying that it is helping and it is draining the fluids... I would have never thought about this but he says it is actually helping him so thank you.


the toothbrush thang is a lie!! when l did it to try and help my husband who has had a ear ache for 2 days. My husband screamed when l tried it this is crazy.

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