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I've had problems with restless legs since I was 17. My first bout of it occurred on an overnight flight to London from Detroit. The plane was dark and quiet, and I stood in the aisle, shifting weight from one leg to the other, crying my eyes out in misery. That may have been attributed to the fact I left the steroids I was taking after a root canal at home and suddenly had none in my system.

But since then I've had several episodes (I'm 25). Usually Klonopin works just fine, but it doesn't do the trick. Mirapex helps, but is starting to lose its effectiveness. In the past, when I didn't access to the Mirapex or the dose of Klonopin I do now, I would sit in a bath filled with water as hot as I could stand it. After maybe 10 minutes I'd get out, dry off, and pack gallon baggies with ice, then place them on the top of my thighs (where my worst sensations are). That usually works.

But tonight, I knew a bath wasn't gonna cut it. I tried ice, nothing. 1.5mg of Klonopin and .25mg of Mirapex, nothing. So I sat here, moving my legs as I searched through the home remedies on this site for RLS. One thing that struck me was the use of Bengay. I know my parents have had it in the past, but unfortunately we have none in the house. Desperate beyond belief I went to Meijer (it's just like Wal-Mart) at 4:30am on Black Friday to buy generic Aspercreme. I squirted (way too much) the stuff on my leg and started to rub it in, thinking it will absorb like lotion. Well, not so lucky there. But I have been able to sit here without moving my legs since I put that stuff on them. I may run into problems again once I stop doing anything and try to sleep (keeping my brain busy helps some), but for right now, I'm feeling better. Gonna have to lay towels on the bad tonight so as not to destroy my sheets with Aspercreme, but if I can sleep then that's just fine!

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I have had restless legs for years. Finally found that Pan Away essential oil(by Young Live) mixed in no fragrance lotion works like a charm. Only about 10 drops to a 1-2 oz of the lotion in a bottle. It feels cool and does relax the legs.

bobby jones

i am 77yrs old i have diabetic neuropathy and rls i have found that if i drink a couple of schoch an sodas it is gone and i can sleep like a baby so take it for what its worth u will go to bed and sleep with a smile on your face

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