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I understand that everyone here has warts but I was wondering if anyone has extremely large and painful genital and anal warts? I can't have surgery because I can't afford it I lost my job but my real question is how do you deal with the pain? I feel like I'm dying here.

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Try putting a ice pack on top of the cotton budds that are soaked in acv and watching a movie helps get ur mind off it


Ibuprofen and marijuana (not even kidding, it's used for pain in cancer patients and definitely helps!)


The warts get bigger and more painful the more unhealthy you are, or the weaker your immune system is. They also keep your immune system weak so it's doubly disastrous to your health and well being.

Start taking 1000mg of vitamin C every day, don't eat junk food, no soda, lots of water, eat fresh fruit and other healthy food, cardio exercise, and the pain/swelling will go down.

They will never be fully painless until you treat them, and I highly recommend you follow the Apple Cider Vinegar treatment which is heavily discussed on this website. Good Luck!

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