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I know this may be long, but I am very old and have a few suggestions for younger and older woman.
I don't have constant uti's, but when I get them, they hurt a lot more than I expect. I've been having them since I was 16, every few months or so. My doctor had told me that peeing straight after sex helps a lot, so I do that as much as possible, and washing my hands with none scented anti bacterial soap. All natural cranberry/raspberry juice tastes great and helps a lot with the pain. With every glass of cranberry juice, you should be drinking two glasses of water. The cranberry juice helps with the bacteria & pain, and the water helps you pee more to let the bacteria out. No sugar as well, that's what the bacteria feeds off of. I have recently discovered that when you are frequently urinating in pain, not to wipe after. There can be bacteria on the toilet paper and it makes it ten times worse. I just let myself sit for a bit, and I always wear very baggy sweat pants with no under garments to help air flow. Avoid tight pants and underwear, bacteria can grow anywhere. If you are to wear some, wear cotton. It lets yourself breathe. Always have a very clean sex partner, and always, always, always wash your hands after everything you do. You do not know where you can catch bacteria. I know a woman that washes her hands before and after using the washroom, just in case. Give your doctor a visit for a pap test to make sure you're healthy and clean. Don't be scared, I hate pap tests but it's recommended for all woman every year after the age of 16.
Cystex is another thing I heard that help woman out really well, as well as aka-seltzer tablets or baking soda, and echinacea.
KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY. if you haven't had a bladder infection, you do NOT want one.

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I am reading this with a sore tooth and wondering WTF are you thinking posting this here???!!!

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