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brown flour in a pan on the stove..then apply to babys bottom.. it will clear it within a day or so... I have used it with all three of my kids and it has worked wonders.

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It's all I ever used on my three children in the 70's. And we never dealt with the horrible inflamed bottoms I witnessed on my sister's babies. Could never win them over though. They continued to swear only their over the counter treatments worked, and would not even try it.


I thinking browning the flour keeps it for absorbing The moisture in baby's diaper and getting sticky.. This method definitely does work. My newborn broke out for a yeast rash so bad to the point where his skin on his inner thighs was pealing and it seemed like the desitin was only making matters worse so my mom told me to brown the flour.. So I browned it put it in a little bowl and I keep it in the freezer until I need it. The coolness definitely seems to sooth the irritated skin because he no longer screams when I change his diapers. And the redness has subsided only after the second application. I just gentally applied it directly on the skin that was affected. It does have a weird burnt smell but it honestly isn't that bad. And if you are having issues with the flour sticking to baby's skin I'd suggest browning it a bit longer.


Love this "trick"! Really works! I have found that it works best if you use by itself, without any cream under it. Also, use a blow dryer on cool setting to make sure button is dry.


It does work used with 6 kids


yes it works!

Cory J

YES! it works well i have 6 kids and 2 grandkids and it works my antie told me about this when my kids was babies and the smell is bad but it will not make you sick it smells as if you brunt something is all

Sha jelks

Does it ever cause an infection?


Yes this does work! I found I had to brown new flour Everytime, but o well.NO NEED TO BURN IT!


Dont wash baby in baking soda for yeast. Have to use acidic water, a little lemon juice or vinegar better. The Browning burns the wheat germ off , thus not adding to the yeast production


How do I brown the flour and I want to brown enough for it to last at least 2days. How do I store it when I'm not using it??

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