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brown flour in a pan on the stove..then apply to babys bottom.. it will clear it within a day or so... I have used it with all three of my kids and it has worked wonders.

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I tried this a few months ago with my son and it did not work at all. it left a smell throughout the house that just made me sick, it was messy because it kinda sticks to the baby and then if its a bad rash and it sticks u have to wipe it off and that hurts the baby, everytime I changed his diaper I had to give him a bath because I didnt want to hurt him from wiping off that pebbley type stuff it leaves.. I used A+D ointment for baby rashes and it looked better the same day!


THIS DOES WORK! use white flour and brown it lightly and let air dry and put in ziploc bag. After each bowel movement, immediately wash with baby soap and rinse bottom under a running faucet of warm water. Air dry and then put A&D on bottom and wipe the flour on the inside of the diaper. This puts a barrier between bottom and moist diaper. We found within 12 hours our sons severe rash was almost normal. our 2 cents....


This does work...many years ago...a man in his late 70's told me about this...I have since used it on all three of my children!


My grndmother showed me this remedy many years ago for my first child. It does laeve a foul odor in the kitchen however, it clears a rash in a day or two, depending upon the severity.


My baby is only 7months when he was 4 months my aunt use it and YES it did work.


I used this with all 3 of my children also. When desitin wouldn't work the browned flour in a cast iron skillet worked. You only gently brown the flour, of course.


UNBELIEVABLE IT WORKS!! My great grandmother passed this down. When the medicine the dr prescribed - along with desitin, a&d, blow dryer, no wipes were all tried nothing worked. I finally tried it. The only drawback is the smell. Make enough to keep extra on hand. Also make sure it is cooled. It does stay hot for about 15 min. Use like powder.


I am just wondering if anyone could tell me WHY you BROWN the flour?? My 8 month old daughter has a VERY BAD yeast rash and i have been using the Dr. prescribed cream 'Hc powder in Clotrimaderm Cream' for about 1-1/2 months now along with Desitin over top, and the rash has not gotten better at all. But since i have read up on the 'Brown some flower' it has been getting better. I was just wondering ' WHY DO YOU BROWN THE FLOUR???' For all the worried moms out there----THIS DOES WORK!!! And yes it is hard to get the brown flour off, but about every other diaper change, i put her in a sitz bath (2 tablespoons of baking soda in about 2 inches of water, for about 10 min) then i blow dry her bottom, then i put her prescribed cream on, then desitin, then the flour remedy over top of desitin and spread some brown flour onto diaper and in 1 DAY THE REDNESS HAS GONE AND THE LITTLE RASH CIRCLES ARE CLOSING AND DISAPPEARING!!!!!!!!! I WILL NOT USE DIAPERWIPES AND I WASH HER BOTTOM IN THE SINK WITH WATER AND BABY CLOTH IN BETWEEN THE SITZ BATHS.-- It is time consuming but think about it 'WOULD YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR BUM??'
SO IM JUST WONDERING IF ANYONE COULD TELL ME OUT THERE WHAT DOES BROWNING THE FLOUR DO???????(and ooooooh yes does it stink when you are browning it but nothing lysol spray couldnt take away!!!!)


Browning the flour gets the moisture out of the flour.


I'm wondering then if microwaving flour would work just as well. Grandmoms didn't have microwaves...?

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