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BEFORE going to BED:
WASH area with mild soap and water, allow to AIR DRY.
Using only Your hands (gloved is OK) apply Distilled White Vinegar to the affected area.
Allow to AIR DRY. Go to Sleep.
Next Morning bathe/shower as usual.
REPEAT in 2 days.
Then REPEAT 2 days later.

Total 3 times in one week.
[it will feel better after 1 time - but to get rid of it completely -do it 3 times in one week]

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Bill H.

I tried distilled white vinegar full strength and feel this was a mistake. My dermatologist suggested a weak solution of approximately 1 tablespoon vinegar per cup of ice cold water and holding a clean cloth with this solution on the area for 15 minutes or so. Then let air dry. He also recommended following up with calamine lotion which is a skin protectant.

Savannah J

Straight distilled white vinegar will burn like something I really don't think you will enjoy! I know for a fact I didn't enjoy it!

Things gone wrong

It's funny when you are so frustrated with solution you end up doing crazy things. I remember it was so itchy and I was at home. There was a Antiseptic Handrub called Cutan Alcohol Foam.. After shower wiped the area and put the Cutan where the itchy bitchy part was Holy cow!!! I screamed it was too painful. Anyways I still have the problem and the skin under my testicles are dry redish due from scratching. I'm so annoyed badly I have to try some of the suggestion here.

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