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I got a tip from the Farmers Almanac for fleas, steep [a low boil] of rosemary in water for around 20 min. you'll get this brown water, after completely vacuuming everything, wipe down all hard surfaces and spray [bottle] furniture, under cushions and under the base, the idea is to hit everything. I once had a bad flea infestation and did this, they were gone the next day.

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I'm from South Africa and I got myself a rottweiler. As fleas like me I promised myself to get it under control as soon as any sign appeared of fleas on my baby as she sleeps in my bed. She is just over 1year old and has had no problem with fleas and I did nothing to help. I bathe her every 2 weeks as she gets dry skin easily, but interestingly enough from her puppy days as she came in for bedtime she literally stank of rosemary. We have several rosemary plants around the yard. She rubs herself daily on these plants and sometimes chews the branches. I firmly believe it is a natural instinct for her to keep fleas away by brushing herself on rosemary plants. It definitely works as I told a friend of mine whose little mixed breed has serious flea problems. She bought 2 rosemary plants and started rubbing branches against her dog. Not only did his coat seem normal and healthy again, but she got rid of the flea infestation with rosemary boiled in water and then sprayed.


I'm going to try this one. After reading tons of suggestions that are helpless to my animals on my farm, I have found on my own that spraying on rubbing alcohol will draw out all the fleas and then I make sure they're dead. Or drowning them works to. But a flea comb, or hair comb after doing anything will help tell you the results of anything you try. I can tell you Sulphur does nothing. Vinegar and salt does nothing. I have 3ft tall grass everywhere. So learning to kill them off my animals and keep them out of my house has been fun. Rubbing alcohol works awesome, and if you're a retard and think your pet wont lick their skin back moist then go ahead and bathe them after. I'm going to try this Rosemary in it's place. I really want a feed that keeps them off permanently. Bc my land is huge and has them everywhere. Good luck to you all. It's taken me years to find just a temporary fix. That's CHEAP of course. Vacuum, spray rubbing alcohol, and/or drown them. My huge dog will lay in the tub under water for an hour though. 20 minutes will only slow them down. I'm gonna surround my place in Rosemary. I have a feeling it will have my rubbing alcohol affect. :-)


This has been the best I've found for years. 91\\\\% Rubbing Alcohol in a spray bottle. Start by soaking the neck hair all the way around. Work it in good and kill whatever crawls up to their face. Then soak their whole body. I do a section at a time. (it doesn't take much). When they run out with their flea dirt grab and kill them. They will barely move or jump. After done with all animals spray all your rugs and carpets and soft pads. Then keep bottle handy and check animals often. The lighter colored your animal the more they'll get. Keep them from going outside at night. Esp if you have tall grass or don't treat your yard. Hope this helps someone. Year 2012 16oz bottle 91\\\\% Isoproyl Alcohol $1.50 at Dollar General. 2 bottles to work 3 large animals and 2 main traffic/sleeping rooms. Good Luck!


Thanks so much for the flea solutions! My little dog does sleep with me and I was getting ate up from something I did not know what! I thought maybe I had a masqito in my bedroom and it was getting me st night! I gave my baby girl that 20.00 pill that was supposed to take care of them but I would see her scratching herself once in awhile..I sprayed down my bedding with 91\\% alcohol today..and I'm praying I don't wake up with another bite! Then I'm gona put it in my dog and hopefully I won't have to put that frontline on her or give her this pill that I can't afford every month..she is only outside to go to the bathroom..I've never had to worry about fleas because my neighbors always treated their grass and she was never out much..but since then I had to move and I've never seen or had to deal with fleas..I've never even seen hopefully this will do the trick!! Thanks so much to all of you for the advice!! I was sceptial about putting it in the dog!!??????????????????????????

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