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To rid hair lice - I simply used a hair dryer. Myself and my children have battled with these blasted bugs for two months - until I had this idea. When you think about it - what bug would survive being scorched in this way?
Put a hair dryer on maximum heat, maximum speed, and you will kill the lice - you then just pick them out. It will dry out the eggs also, everything is dried. Some of those buggers are TINY.
Do this on dry hair over several days, to get them all.
I feel so relieved and happy to be free of this seemingly endless, frustrating problem - that I just have to share it with everyone. No more nasty chemicals for kids! Spread the word!

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Another thing with the heat... if you use a hair straightener and get it as close to the scalp as possible you will kill the nits. Those can get much hotter than a blow dryer!

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