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Head lice: Start with Mayo and a shower cap for a few hours (while you wash the bedding, bag the pillows, stuff animals and spray mattresses and floors etc. with Raid Flea killer). Rinse the mayo out and wash with a drop of dawn dish detergent - rinse- then drench in listerine - rinse - then wash in Denorex extra strength shampoo - rinse - drench in tea tree oil and blow dry for at least 30 minutes. Comb through. Lice will be dead and nits are easily removed. Don't forget to spray the flea killer in your car as well as your entire carpeted areas. Repeat daily for a week - at least the denorex and combing process.

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yeah i guess if i had the time to do all that it might work. but like most moms i dont. i need something faster and possible cheaper.... raid isnt cheap and you would have to use about seven or more cans.

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