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RING WORM IS NOT A WORM! It is a fungus that grows outward, making a round ridge as it spreads. Better know what you have before treating it, it may not be ringworm. One thing that kills it fast is high strength Hydrogen Peroxide 30 - 35%. Normal drug store is only 3%. Danger! 30% H202 will burn skin. I suggest using a Q-tip and test a very tiny spot to see how much damage and pain is associated first. CAUTION!!!!!!!!! Caustic!

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Try clear fingernail polish...I had a small one that I got from a dog and I put clear nail polish on it as soon as I noticed it the ring worm never got any bigger. It does leave a circular scar on the skin though. And I was told the reason it works is because it cuts of the air supply.


Apple cider vinegar and a copper penny to the circled tinea until it is gone. That is what worked when I was a kid. My son and I had to be treated because we didn't know what it was at first because the ring did not show at first. A rash developed. Now that the rash is almost gone, I see I have a circled red patch on the muscle of my thumb. The rash developed after I had carpel tunnel surgery 5 years ago. I think it started from the inside.

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