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I have tried acv and it didn't do much. Only caused burns on my skin and the diluted solution had no effect on the warts (they kept growing overnight). I read about genital hygiene and found out that you are not supposed to wash these areas with any kind of soap at all.

Washing the genital area with soap kills all the good bacteria, that keeps the area clean and healthy. In other words, the bacteria that keeps viruses and bad bacteria from doing any harm to your body. When you do this, the viruses and bad bacteria are free to infect and spread.

So, I stopped using any kind of soap on these areas and only rinsed with water. Itching is gone, and I feel better 'down there'.

My theory is, that when people find out about their warts, they cause more harm by trying to keep the area sterile, which you're not supposed to do at all.

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This makes sense to me.
I'll be trying acv as well as what you have suggested. Thank you for posting.


This is the stupidest comment I have read. Are you going to go your entire life without washing your genitals because 'it kills the good bacteria'?

Washing down there helps control the spread of the virus, as it helps clear away dead, infected tissue. You should use a diluted bleach solution or rubbing alcohol to rinse the area.


seriously rediculous!


The only factual advice on this forum. NEVER use soap on your genital areas. If you don't believe me, read about it yourself. Ridiculous ? Only these comments.

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