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I noticed my daughter going to town scratching her head saturday morning, so I checked her head and sure enough she had lice. I did what many have done and ran out to buy rid. Once home she was quarantined outside (to play) and I cleared the house of every scrap of fabric that was not nailed down, even the curtains. Clothes were overflowing from the laundry room for days (thankfully its outside). Once the house was bleached and boiled I brought her in to decontaminate her, and myself since I had no one to check me out and I wanted to play it safe. Especially since I started to itch as soon as I saw her head! That part I am sure was psychological. A few hours later (in between loads) I came across this site and freaked some more once I saw that so many had used rid (and other OTC products) and not been successful. So to be on the safe side I started to try some of these home remedies out, and I am glad I did b/c while putting denorex in her head I came across a live hatchling! Not 4 hours after I rinsed and combed the rid out! So I washed her head with denorex, conditioned with suave coconut and blew her dry. I combed through her hair again (bought flea comb after comparing teeth and price since kit came with plastic comb) but I agree that the comb will only get the bigger ones out. The eggs and hatchlings must be done by hand. Then I saturated her Hair with tea tree oil and sent her to bed. Day 2: I washed it out and used the mayo/bag trick for about 8 hours. Poor things face was dripping with grease by the time I washed it. I had to wash it a few times with the denorex/suave combo to get all the grease out. Earlier I had mixed listerine, tea tree oil, vinegar and a sprig of fresh lavender in an empty shampoo bottle, so that went in her head overnight too. Day 3: I washed it out and I have to say that what I found was dead! I know that might have been overkill, but you guys scared me! I plan on using the denorex/suave every night and the tea tree oil concoction every 3 days for 2 weeks. Then suave and braids for the rest of the school year. Lucky for me this happened over the weekend, and when I called her school to inform them on monday (day 3) they told me that while I was the first parent to report it in the school, apparently the daycare next door had an 'outbreak' 2 weeks ago. Many of the kids in her school, and even in her class go to this daycare for after school care, she however does not. Needless to say I was somewhat livid when I hung up. If they had sent a note home informing parents to be on the lookout we could have been more proactive. As is they told me that they would not be checking heads in her class unless they are seen scratching a lot! When I was in school they checked everyone twice a year, unless someone came up with it at another time, then we got checked more than twice. What happened? And since I was the only parent who came forward she has to have her head checked by the nurse, and I have to bring in the box top of the product I used as proof that I treated her before she is allowed back! Since there is only 2 days of school this week (due to holiday) she won't be going back till next week, b/c I refuse to have all I have done to that poor baby to be for naught. I know what I did was overkill, but I have a thing about bugs. The point is it worked.

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Hello I don't mean to scare you but after my own affairs with lice and reading many many web pages tea tree oil can have side effects on children.The amount and duration should be used very scarcely from what I've read.


I haven't heard of any problems with girls, but I know using a combination of Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil on young (prepubescent) boys can cause hormonal imbalances, which can lead to male breast development (gynecomastia). I don't think there would be any issues with girls developing


I had heard that tea tree oil is not safe for children with asthma.

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