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As you sleep read a book while listening
to soft tranquel music. a selection of music I use to curb my nightmares are as
such groups as Belle Morte, and NiN,
even as soft as sepultra. You should have a peaceful night sleep

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lol i was thinking more along the lines of Extol or Tool ;) sweet dreams!


You guys are really awful and would do the world better if you went to a pro-anorexia message board and told the posters they were fat. ;)

Don't listen to these people; they're joking and obviously don't know how terrible a bad nightmare can be.


i dont know what that guy was talking about...
give me some double bass and reaping and im sleeping like a baby...
my 4 year old daughter falls out to job for a cowboy and emmure, so...

and i dont know about helping out with nightmares but i know that watching B rated flicks before hand will make your nightmares turn kinda funny...
the blood dont look like blood, but red paint, and every dead body you can see breathe every once in a while


Hahaha, I like the second comment, so funny :]

But I do think music definably helps sleeping, and NIN can be soothing... at certain times.

Oli Zerstören

Totally have to agree that the type of music (minus JFCB) at least helps me in the falling asleep process. As for helping against nightmares goes, i'm not sure how much of what individual piece of my sleepaid's dna is the key. but the combination of double kicks (im a drummer), blistering guitar riffs, punchy bass guitar, growls, clear singing (killswitch engage, bullet for my valentine, Dir En Grey) along with my dreamcatcher help me. there is no solid remedy that works for every single individual's nightmares as if it is water to quench thier thirst. its what works for these people (myself included), and we are just thowing in our two cents on what helps us. so to the anal dwelling fag blossom with disease infested cum bubble tendencies of uttering what i construe to be cyberspace hate speech tword my fellow Tool, Sepultra, and Nine Inch Nails enthusiasts, SUCK IT! If it's not your bag of balls, try a differant sport assclown. my sincerest of apologies to those who ive offended in my rebuttle to the closed minded skink who may have an ongoing struggle with his acceptance that not everyone who listens to the more 'secular' and 'questionable' areas of the music world are they themselves complete stereotypes of what the world portrays their fans to be. whoopdoo we have tattoos and holes kept open via metal/bone/plastic/glass/wood/pyrex/molded acrylic...i think ive covered the body/piercing jewelry aspects. and some maybe even different hairstyles and colors. are bad, stupid, and mean people, hell most of us qualify for the national genius association which bill gates himself is part of, yet choose not to be a part of, because most of the members are dicks. yet tools like that who stereotype someone from a post assuming they just jump in somewhere to talk shit and piss off/make others hate themselves are more socially acceptable? way to go america. Sorry off subject just then. you have official experienced an 'Oli Rabbit Trail'
back to my two cents.
For me a dreamcatcher, a mix disk of heavy mixed with a few mellow tracks helps against nightmares.

Oli Zerstören

Whoops! forgot to touch on the fact that we DO know how extremely awful nightmares can be...ever hear of 'skin walkers'? try that and then talk to me about nightmares. and some of us live nightmares and the rare ones we have in our sleep cant hold a candle to being criticised day to day because we aren't 'typical' in the way we express ourselves. they aren't joking, most of the people i know use the same nightmare relief aides jack.

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