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I thought this sounded crazy but I was still kinda desperate to try it.

I am a singer and I have a choir concert tonight and singing can be very difficult if your ears are congested and tuning becomes an issue when you can only hear yourself.
I tried several remedies here and nothing worked. I tried plugging my nose and blowing which only made it worse, a sinus rinse which left me with vertigo and pain in my right ear and a hot bath, but with the upcoming concert I didn't want to get my hair wet and have to try to redo it in time.
I found this on another website with ideas for getting rid of ear congestion. I don't have a heating pad so this worked much faster than a hot bath or steaming and I stayed dry.
Use a hairdryer on medium heat and hold it about a foot away from your ear and have it blow into and around your ear. I did it for about 5 minutes per side then switched back and did another 5 per side again. Both ears began popping and slowly allowed more hearing to come back. I'm a fan :)

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Thanks for the tips. Please be less wordy next time... the background story is unnecessary.


That comment was harsh. Thank you for the tips.


Great tip. Don't mind the fools with harsh comments.


mine have been like this for 2 days and my hair dryer is on low warm will it work


Rude smh thanks for ur tips AND back ground story ;)


Worked for my son! Thank you :)


what if only one side is clogged. should you still blow dry on both sides o_O


Just a thought,... since you are in a profession that you obviously need your ears for, using your hair dryer and blowing it into your ear is very damaging to your hearing because of the sound the hair dryer makes. My husband is having problems with his ear and he is a recording engineer and we saw this post and liked the idea of the needed heat from the hair dryer but not the damaging sound, so I quietly and slowly huffed into his ear. Same effect as hair dryer but better for your hearing:) Thanks for the post to get us thinking;)

hate going to doctors

Worked for me! Thank for the advice. Got this clogged ear from a cold. Getting kind of worried cuz it was almost 1 week. Put a hot steam towel by my ear first and then did the dryer. Amazingly it worked!



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