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i am 18 years old i was diagnosed at 16 with herpes. i assume my outbreaks are different i have a outbreak every few months on my finger i always thought that outbreaks came in your private area are mouth. but i guess not.i have a boyfriend that i have not told&im so scared that he will kill me are something i dont no how someone could react to somthing like this.the only thing i can do is cry i have no idea how to deal i live everyday in fear of my life.please any opinions i would greatly to live a regular teen age life

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PLEASE IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE IN DANGER LEAVE HIM REGARDLESS OF HERPES. Dont even tell him just leave. I was in an abusive relationship for 8 years and it doesnt ever change. Maybe for a year or two or more but the behavior will come back and it could get worse. You could end up dead for real. You wanna have a regular teenage life than do it before its too late. You cant get those years back.


but if the girls that comented said they have it and scared to tell bf that means your bfs have it as well so you both are in it together so dont see point if they leave you now its too late for them coz i dought you told him to use condom out of blue they will be like ok whats going on? will be suspicious i have gf and we have unprotected sex i have never tested my self so i have ordered it now but im nervouse what if im positive i have probably passed it on to her but i love her :(

The truth

If somoxal is so great why is it packaged with the same ingredients marketed under to separate name AKA somxl this is sold out of some guys garage in new Zealand with a fake address in Delaware I would not be surprised if the guy yelling about it is the very same. I have tried the product multiple times with nothing to show for it but burnt flesh on no customer support don't believe me try to use there so called chat which always asks you to leave an email address .

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