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I got my poison ivy diagnosed by two drs.-one a GP and the other a dermatolgist. The itch/rash first appeared on my left forearm and moved to my right forarm the next day. More and more itchy red streaks and spots began to appear as the weekend progressed.I talked to another teacher that said something bit her on the leg too. Then I got nervous...I thought I've been bit??? What bites you and keeps on biting and moving across your body and you can't see it? But the itching and bites appear...OMG...SCABIES????
So I think I have scabies and use melaleca -lemon grass oil-coconut oil-oregano oil-dr perscribed triamcinalone for contact dermatitus-nothing I am sitting in school after 2nd dr. says its poison ivy. I look up this site and see that someone used white shoe polish.
Hm...I look around at what I have here at school...I try white vinegar first...stings-but so what...stinging is minor compared to the fire...but that doesn't stop the pain. THEN I look thru my drawer and find White-Out. The stuff used to correct type errors. I paint it on...and lo and behold the stinging and itch have stopped. Maybe its temporary---but it is working for now. And I am grateful for the relief.
So weird that I got poison Ivy - I have been outside on my farm literally everyday...since early spring. Then it gets cold and I stay indoors and voila...Poison Ivy? Very disconcerting...where did I get it????

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Not sure where I got mine either!


Do you have a fireplace or wood burning stove? If so the oils from the plant dispersed into the air when the wood was burned and landed on your skin. Do you have pets? If so they can carry the oils on their fur and transfer it to your skin when you touch them.

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