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Hello all,

I am a skin therapist, i have been through so many skin disorders it would shock any normal person.

Firstly i would like to make clear that pimples on certian areas of your face mean diffrent things so they must be treated diffrently.

Pimples on the Forehead and chin are your DIET pimples on the cheeks are HORMONAL. pimples on your back, chest, arms and most other places are the cause of a build up of dead skin in wich case a good exfoliant will do great! also if you perspire alot your popres will be clogged causing pimples so be sure to use a good scubbing brush. please not that when dry body brushing you need to wash your brush at least once a week.

treating hormonal to diet can be challenging however i have found some pretty useful antidotes that work pretty well. The first one is eye drops - yes eye drops - if you place some onto an ear budd and place it into the freezer for 30 min the place it onto the pimple it literally decreases in size imm. ok so many women getting married have this disaster of a pimple on the big day. guess what? Cortizone injection directly into the pimple or buy some tablet make a paste and apply and poof - gone!

Lastly for those of you - like me - with sensitive, oily, acne prone skin i find that Witch Hazel/Rose Water mixture really works as a natural Astringent. a great tonic you can use is a mixture of 2 drops Orange essential oil added to 15ml of Almond oil, this can be directly applied to each spot.

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Look I do not care if you are a professional eating better does not help (unless you rub your face)

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