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all my life i have always been told to use a potatoe.....cut a tater in half and place it over your eye. This takes away the pain and cures it as well ...not sure how but it works great!!!

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Ive seen on hand and know on hand that this works! Growing up as a child my cousin developed one and i can see my grandmother applying the half of the potato to my cousins left eye. THIS REMEMDY WORKS


how long does it take? i tried a slice of a potato it took away the pain but the stye is still there i guess i could try with the whole half thanks guys wish me luck haha


I would make sure the potato is organic. Because of the pesticides and chemicals applies and absorbed into conventional potatoes they could be doing more harm than good...


i think that i would soak the potato slice in salt water...and THEN pee on it to get it nice and soft!! how does that sound?


OMG. That last commend made me laugh til I teared up a little. Maybe that will cure my stye. Isn't laughter considered the best medicine? (Next to salted urine potatoes, that is)


well okay, like I'm gonna pee on a potatoe and make it suffer.-.

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