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ok my lips were TERRIBLE they were cracked so bad that if they were even touched or moved at all they burned real bad. i found my 'elf thereaputic conditioning balm' its AMAZING!!!!!!! i had to reapply it a couple times, but in the end they were soft and smooth again!

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What works for my dry, itchy lips is Lansinoh cream (pure lanolin) and 1% hydrocortisone ointment, mixed together in the palm of my hand. You must be sure to get hydrocortisone ointment, not cream because the ointment contains only hydrocortisone and petrolatum. Avoiding irritants on the lips is very important -- the reason products like Blistex sting when applied is that they contain ingredients like menthol and camphor which are the worst things possible for skin. Hope this helps.


i bite my lips 2 yrs ago accidently frm those days i m suffering frm chap lips condition plz give me any home remedy treatment so that my lips again become soft

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