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Wipe the affected area with nail polish remover (acetone-based), and then cover it with clear nail polish and let it dry. Repeat every 12 hours. Both my warts (one of which I've had for six months without any results from other remedies) became grey/black, hard, scab-like things. About 2 weeks into it, after wiping with nail polish remover, I went at it with a pair of tweezers... and they both came out fairly easily! I am repeating the remover/nail polish routine for another week to make sure it doesn't come back. Oh, and I am throwing away that pair of tweezers. :) SO HAPPY THEY'RE GONE!

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i am trying that to , hope to god it works


and thanks for the instructions :)


I'm about to try this thanks :) hope it works!

No pain no gain

I have been using this acv treatment for a week and it seems to be I have black specs in the warts but it's not completely black. I'm just afraid that they are too deep and won't fall off like many people have claimed. Does the black specs mean its dying?

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