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Virginia creeper, five-leaved ivy, or five-finger (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)
Google this.Find pictures of it go out to the woods and find it.

Twenty years ago i got a bad case of poison ivy,I tried all the usual home remedies,bleach,baking soda,vinegar,calamin lotion and nothing worked.
I had it on both arms from the elbows down,one arm was broken out in blisters and the other arm was swolen to double the normal size with a few blisters.
I had given and was about to go to the doctor for a shot and I ran into an old guy that told me if I wanted to get rid of it he would show me how.
We walked out to a wooded area behind the convenience store and he showed me a virginia creeper vine and said it was an old indian remedy for poison ivy.
First scratch or rub all the blisters to brake them open and get a hand full of green leaves from the virginia creeper and roll them between your hands till their bruised and wet then rub them on the affected areas.It should stop iching within a few minutes and be gone by the next day.If there are still a few spots left just reapply it till its all gone.

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teh virginia creeper IS poisonous! wtf dude!


Actually, the new green growth of virginia creeper is indeed an antidote for poison ivy. However, if you use you the reddish gold growth as it turns in the fall, that can also cause a reaction. I have used the new growth virginia creeper and it works wonders.


Virginia Creeper is not poisonous but is often confused with poison ivy (toxicodendron radicans).


This is bizarre. I know about jewel weed, but this? I have never gotten poison oak or poison ivy, but I used to get rash from virginia creeper a lot. Then I decided I just wouldn't get it anymore. I haven't gotten it in probably 10 yrs.


OMG Virginia Creeper gives me poison ivy type rash!!! DON'T use that as a cure!!!


I thought this post was going to take a totally different turn when some stranger asked you to follow him into the woods....


Virginia creeper has a reaction on a small amount of people, but it isn't as bad as poison ivy. It is a good cure for poison ivy, even if it causes a reaction otherwise. VC has oxicilic acid, and PI has an oil called urushiol. I don't know if the acid breaks down the oil, or what, but it works. You have to remember that everybody reacts different to most herbals, but they all work pretty much the same way, just in different levels of effectiveness.

Jay Allen

Virginia Creeper or Five Leaf Ivy as we call it here in East Texas has always been the go to source to cure poison ivy. We eat it raw or sometimes make a poultice from it. It most always grows right next to poison ivy so make sure you can identify it before you pick it. In nature, the cure can most often be found near the cause.


Virginia creeper is poisonous. I broke out in a bad rash 2 weeks ago. Y'all people saying it's not poisonous, maybe you're not allergic to it.


That stuff is worse than poison ivy ever thought about being!! Don't let anyone tell you any different!! It's a lie!! Some people say it don't bother them and they can handle it with their bare hands, but everybody can't do that. They are people that poison ivy don't bother either, not everyone can do that either! If you are one that it makes a rash on, it's pure torture!! You'll be scratching for two months or longer!! I know!! I never thought they were a plant so EVIL!! I would rather get poison ivy on me any day of the week and I don't like it either! Best thing is to say away from this crap! Pour gasoline on it and let the sun come out on it and get rid of it!! It will kill the junk!! Crap ain't growing around my house anymore, period!! I read somewhere someone said they used Roundup and it wouldn't even kill it, and that stuff is poison. I wouldn't use it anyway!! Hate the junk creeper!!

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