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This remedy for migraines has worked for me. Get an ice cold Slurpee and drink it fairly quickly to cause a brain freeze. It will dramatically reduce your headache. You can also make your own Slurpee at home with any drink mix. Be careful with what you eat. I find that the following foods can trigger mine: red wine, some Italian foods, and McCormick Grillmates is the worst offender. I just had an attack and drank my Slurpee and my headache is gone. I just feel tired now. It is a lot better than suffering for hours!

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Man, I have to say. That slurpee thing just saved my life. Unbelievable! Cut the pain down from a 7 to a 3. Managed to control it before it got too bad. Worked in just a few minutes. That on top of taking two green tea fat burners with caffiene knocked it right out. And I suffer from cluster migranes. Everyone try this guys remedie


I just suffered my first migraine this morning. It was blinding. I'm still disoriented hours later. Empathy for all who suffer these on a regular basis. I was crying when I went into Dr. I couldn't take the pain/dizziness/nausea/light/disorientation. I had to go to the Dr to get a shot for the pain and nausea. I still can't see straight and light is killing me. If it ever comes back, what are the green tea w caffeine pills in above post called? Thank you for any help. :)


The green tea pills are called Mega Green Tea Pills and they can be found at Wal_mart in the diet pill section. I will try the slurpie....

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