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I've suffered with these now for two years. Had the frozen several times(very painful) and tried two creams/ solutions. One was a cream(aldara I think) and the other was a solution which was very painfull from my local gum clinic which seemed to literalt burn me a new arse hole and leave the warts behind. I was about to go for another painfull freezing session when I found this site and tried the apple cider vinegar method. What did I have to loose. So I went to the store and purchased the product along with some plasters and went home to give it a go. It was a bit tricky trying to stick wet cotton wool to more than 3 clusters of warts around my ringer but I managed and packed dry loo roll around and donned a tight fitting pair of boxers. I left it on whilst watching telly for about 2.5 hours and the went and washed off. I immediately noticed it had gone all White in the are and brought to light more smaller ones I hadn't noticed before. I know it's working because this morning I have seen a few of the smaller ones fallen off already. And there are a couple turned black. I am going to give it another dose tonight and keep taking vitamin c supplements. This is far less painfull than other methods and so far seems to be doing the trick fingers crosses good luck people. Give it a try.

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Sounds incredible! I am going to give it a go. I hope this is for real.

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