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brest milk works almost instantly (if your not too grossed out @ the thought) and also the lining of an egg shell(the white part that on the inside)

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Tia from Australia

Thank you so much for the Breast milk suggestion. I tried it on my partner who suffers from sties when he gets stressed and there was an immediate improvement! His itchiness went, the eye wasn't so red and irritated literally within minutes of administering breast milk. Fortunately for him we just had a baby :-). It's been 3 days and the sty is nearly gone. Usually when he gets them they last for 6 months so this is really incredible. The healing power of breast milk is probably endless and unknown to us all. Thanks so much again.

J. Bailey

This is Awesome information to know! Thanks to the both of you.


Yeh, so true! Breast milk is one of the best things for sties! Alternatively, if you dont have access to breast milk, you can always use your own urine.


what if u dont have breastmilk??


You can buy breast milk online.

Or possibly obtain some from an acquantice - Got Milk?


Sorry misspelled - acquaintance

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