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Make A change!

Okay im 16 years old 5'6' and weighed 184 pounds..clearly overweight.i saw my love handles get bigger and bigger!but mom would buy me whatever i pleased for >.> i'd snack BIG!on cheetoes and what not!but i saw my image in the mirror one day...and began noticing that i oughta start losing some weight...if i wanna live healthier and longer of course.
So i took action the very next day...Getting my hands on lots of water and watching my calories.keeping my distance from junk food.And refusing junk food from friends and family.Switching to wheat bread,low fat milk,eatng fruit instead of junk!So i kept a well balanced diet and consumed 1000 to 1200 calories a day.I lost 24 pounds in exactly 2 months!i could not believe my eyes!i weigh 160 and im still losing! :)

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Good Job!!!!! That is awesome that you are getting healthy, and the right way!!! Very proud of you!!!Keep up the good, hard work!! It will all pay off!


thats great hw u decided to make a change!keep it up! ull see a biggg difference in the long run :)

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I admire your dedication and determination. unfortunately most people are looking for a miracle cure and lack the necessary effort and sweat it takes to achieve your goals. may you serve as an inspiration


That's so awesome! Total inspiration, I tell ya. Keep pushing- I'm on the same boat here and I know it's rough.


I am trying to loose 10 pounds. I am working out so hard.. Not sure, I am not able to see any change :( Can you give me some tips to follow..


Ya I know how u feel I'm 26 Andre I was 265 and I couldn't believe my eyes I gained so much weight after I had my 5th child I saw myself in the mirror and did ur ideas and I lost 31lbs in 2 months and 10 days and I'm still loosing thanks for the advise.... keep up the good work.


you are right! there is nothing like wating healthy... I will try to do the same thing. thank you !


I had trouble losing weight too. But I found the system that worked for me and my friends. I have free info about tnis on my site


how did u lose 24 lbs in two months ........i also wanna do that can u say me what should i do pleaseeeeeeeeeee.:)


I am 16 and I am 5'7'' and 232 pounds. If you looked at me you wouldn't see it. Suggestions? I drink tons of water and walk everywhere. Please no judgement.

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