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Ok. I have it.
Very simple and effective.
Go to your hardware store and get some aquarium silicone sealant/caulk.
Make sure it smells like vinegar when you open it. You should be able to buy a smallish tube with a screw cap.

First. Dont apply to broken skin, cause I think it will hurt a lot, and Im not sure what else will happen.

Smear on a thinnish layer. I reckon about 3mm depending on how long you can wait for it to dry. It should be a clear sticky gel and smell strongly of Vinegar. Use something to apply it so you dont get it all over your fingers. Its great for getting between your toes etc.

Drying, It will vary depending on how much you applied, and the humidity in the air and temperature. 2 to 15 minutes?

When the silicone gel is drying, It will smell like vinegar or Acetic Acid as its also known. ACID yes and its pretty strong too, It will tickle the tough and sting the weak. It just tickled me :)

Like what lots of people have said above vinegar is great for the fungal infection. Did you know acetic acid is also a large part of vaginal fluids? Anyway, it could sting a bit, more if your skin is inflamed. Thats just the acid burning into your skins nerves!

Now the great thing about this is you put it on, let it dry and leave it on as long as you can. Up to a week? The acid is a byproduct of the silicone drying, this is actually trapped between your skin and the silicone layer. It will kill the fungal infection, it will also protect your skin and let it heal, and stop fungal spores from growing. The silicone will actually let your skin breath too.

Try a little area first!
Dont coat your self in the silicone!
Dont be an idiot!
Dont over do it!
Dont use it to prevent an infection.
It is acid it will burn your skin if you keep using it.
See a doctor!
You must kill the spores in your clothes, shoes, bed clothes floors carpets, bathrooms etc.. or it will come back and get you. Sunlight is great for this.. DONT go putting silicone all over stuff!! Thats just stupid. Hey! Vinegar or bleach could be good for cleaning things?

It will probably come off by itself after a few days or you can peel it off once its dry pretty easily. Re apply if you need to.

Good Luck
Let me know how you go!!!

*Next topic.. crazy/supa glue and duct/electrical tape! great for cuts!

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Bigtoe Bob

I tried this and it worked first time.
I had the fungus growing between my toes and nearly under my nails.
I put the silicone everywhere, was a bit messy and boy does it smell, but only for a few minutes. Strong vinegar!
I used a ice cream stick to apply it and threw it away when I was finished.
It dried in about 10 minutes, my feet felt funny cause my toes were stuck together!
I cleaned everything with vinegar shoes and all and left in the sun insides and out of all my socks.
Almost instantly the itch was gone.
Three days later.. I peeled the silicone off, didnt hurt at all. skin was pink but not itchy. It hasnt come back 4 weeks now!!!!

It works!!


are you an idiot?!

Lesson Learned

I can tell you right now what will happen if you use vinegar with broken skin: Cellulitis. Last summer I had the worst case of AF I've ever had - it had developed into moccasin type and I would wake up in the middle of the night scratching my feet. I starting doing the vinegar soaks and within 1 week my feet swelled up so badly I couldn't even wear flipflops. I ended up going to the emergency room because it was so painful, and needed to take oral antibiotics to treat the cellulitis.

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