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Day one... I went to the store and seriously have bought everything on here that ive seen ''works''. I have been so consolidated and isolated since I found out I had HPV I almost forgot what the sun looked like and got very good at video games. My social life has gone to shit so lets hope one of these really works. The ingredients

-Apple Cider Vinegar
-vitamin c 1000mg tablets
-mens one a day multivitamins
-lemons for water
-garlic/onion/lemon/honey to make popsickles for immune health.
-castor oil
-bandages/ziplocks/cottonswaps/tender tape
-pineapple juice 'teabag measure'?? lol
-tea tree oil
-bananas (peels)
-and 5 hr energys for b12 vitamins

I have tried several gruesome things to find myself skeptically discouraged as it is. Ill keep everyone updated for might work for me. HPV infected for a year.. Lets do this!

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Day three... and to let everyone know... its look very ugly down there.. but, much better.. if u have any questions, refer to here and ill let u know how im doing it.. wish success for everyone.. good day!


Are you using everything at once?


has it been painful, im about to do my second night now,

first morning woke (after a night of cider vinigar) and no pain whatsoever, can tell something is happening though, the warts went white and they look darker and almost slightly flakey. hoping not too much pain for the second night!

Mr Stress

Well its been over a week now. How did you manage this..details man :) I am getting ready to start this myself and would love to hear about how you did this and how it worked out.


I'm on day 2 and the results are looking very promising :)

I will definitely post a new thread with the full details later. Good luck all!

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