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I have a migraine in my head, temples, and the back of my neck right now. I've tried a few different remedies and I'm going to post them here. My pain started out at a 10 on a scale of 1-10. It is now about a or 4, which feels MUCH better.

Drank a mug of peppermint tea - calmed me down, but did not really help my headache.
Ice pack on neck - helps the neck pain a bit, but barely.
Took three ibuprofen - did absolutely nothing.
Smoked cannabis - I'm not condoning drug use, nor do I smoke often, but this truly took the sharp edge off of my pain. This is where I finally began to see relief.
Hot bath - DEFINITELY took the edge off even more. I played soft music and kept ice on my neck.

Like I said earlier, my pain is still there but greatly decreased now. Time to lay down in a dark room. Good luck folks.

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you definitely have temporal vascular headaches, ice pack can do worse and will not help, it will take edge off, as you think because is numbing some nerves, but it is not good in long run. You need craniosacral therapy concentrating on your neck and face. Not sure if you had have any accidents in past, your spine can be misaligned and that is causing lock of reg. spinal fluid flow. Your vessels are tight which is stoping from reg. circulation to your head, that is where your headaches are coming from. Try to look for craniosacral therapy. That will take care of it.


I've been suffering migraines since I started puberty. They intensified late in high school when I started birth control. When I hit college and started smoking pot, I definitely noticed a decline in the severity; I would just smoke a little when I felt them coming on. SO NICE! SO NOT LEGAL! Helps VERY well with the nauseousness, especially.

I got off birth control for a while and noticed my migraine severity dropped. Unfortunately, I have since gotten back on birth control. I no longer smoke pot and I have noticed I definite increase in my migraine severity the week leading up to my period. I'm considering seeking a prescription for marijuana, although I don't know that a migraine would be 'enough of a reason' with my doctor. Need to find a sympathetic doctor, I suppose. Or simply self-medicate, but unfortunately it is not decriminalized in my state.

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