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I have had Genital warts for the past two or so years on the right side of my penis shaft. I went to a uroglogist in April 2010 and he recommended the laser removal so I had the procedure done. The warts came back about 6 months later and I became distraught. I ordered wartrol, potassium pills, garlic pills, vitamin e, tried the home freeze kits and even followed someones recommendation on this site of heating a needle and applying it to the warts. I tried all these things with no real success, admittedly I just panicked and tried all these things a few times without using one treatment over an extended period of time. Flash forward to April 2011 and I went back to the urologist and had the laser removal again. It worked for the most part but I have several really small bumps in that same area of the penis.I think they are to small for the laser surgery and would rather not go through that embarrassing procedure again.

Next weekend is Thanksgiving (and I will have a few days off of work) so I plan on treating these with a heavy does of the apple cider vinegar treatment. I am hoping the ACV treatment will smooth out that area and clear it up. I am also going to take potassium pills and garlic pills for the next month and might use vitamin e oil to heal the area up.

Any input would be great. I have my fingers crossed that this will work and remove the smaller warts that remain and smooth out the skin in that area.

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ACV works! But leave it on with a cotton ball for at least 3 hours a day.

Also I recommend just using a couple drops, soaking the cotton ball is what causes the pain. Good Luck!

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