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John Guyon

The pain was so bad I wanted to punch my own lights out. Remedy: in this order, 2 extra strength Tylenol, 400 mg ibuprofen, warm shower, gargle peroxide on affected side, brush teeth, gargle more peroxide, rinse with listerine, mix orajel with crushed aspirin and apply on affected area with a cotton swab, place ice pack under cloth and on cheek, and then just pray, try to sleep, or go to the emergency room for stronger pain meds.

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My dentist said to never use ice. It will make it worse & cause swelling. Maybe a little heat.

Justin (infected/impacted wisdom tooth

I'd say that's almost exactly what I was doing for my impacted wisdom tooth and it all never helped as much as eating some multigrain crackers and then rolling a tea bag up and placing it on the area that is hurting and sleeping with it in.


I tried everything for my badt bad toothache starting with warm salt water, hot towel, mouth wash, motrin pm, ibuprofen, and a whole lot more things i tried. The only thing work for me is the hospital. 875Amoxicillin and lotab 7.5 with tylonol 500mg mix


heat will spread the infection I was told by the dentist

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