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After 5 weeks of trials I can now confirm that iodine tincture actually works. During this period 3 separate layers of skin actually came off independently before the cancer was completely gone. In the past as stated I simply had them burned off with nitrogen but they always returned, hopefully this time they will stay gone.
Interesting side effect noticed is that after the nitrogen the skin on the back of the hands returned as wrinkled as ever (been in the sun 60+ years) but now, after the iodine, the treated patches which cover about half the hand are as smooth as a baby's bum. If I hadn't told everybody for years that wrinkles (and a broken nose) add character to a person I might just consider taking 3 baths a day in the stuff :-)

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I have been reading about iodine but have a question, I have heard to use Lugol's or 7\\\% iodine and i see here that you just said you used iodine tincture, so does it matter what kind or strength the Iodine tincture....The regular store brand??


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