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Evening primrose and Lecithin'natural source' It is best to begin this at least at age 40 or so. I began taking this at age 45 and now at menopause it's a 'breeeze' hot flashes are like 'two blinks of the eye' i got Rx for night flashes and that made it worse, went back to the above, Black Kohosh can only be taken for a short period of time and must be in contact with family doctor for prolonged use. the above two are simplyu fantastic.

2 promrose 3 times a day, and with each one 1,200mg Lecithin, that is pure SOY. sometimes i take 1 extra Lecithin if needed..... i swear by this. Above all, a positive attitude, as i refuse to let menopause dictate to me and i go, 'ohhh wellll' just go with it with a smile and carry on... a lot is positive thinking and mental healing, it works...

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